Good questions.

Edison Spaces opened its doors in 2017, with the purpose to serve as a stepping stone for Kansas City startups and entrepreneurs.

The idea, says Tim Barton, founder, is to accommodate the growth of young companies without weighing them down with unnecessary overhead and infrastructure.

“Edison Spaces is the office space we needed when rolling out our own startups. A space nimble and quick that we could come in and hit the ground running. Instead, we purchased office space with a long contract, and waited on Wi-Fi, furniture, and office necessities, in some cases, for months. Edison Spaces removes that barrier so small business can literally come in, plug in their computers and get to work immediately.”

Another perk of Edison Spaces for small business? One flat rate and a three-month minimum.

“We know small businesses are in the process of scaling, but often can’t predict their size in one year, much less three. That’s why we don’t lock them into long-term contracts. They can sign a three-month minimum contract, and go month to month following. It’s our goal to help them grow in Edison Spaces and eventually, grow out of Edison Spaces,” says Matt Druten, co-founder and managing director.

“We developed Edison Spaces out of a love for Kansas City and Kansas City small business,” said Druten. “Edison Spaces fills a need in the market place for small to midsized businesses who want privacy, security and aren’t interested in co-working.”

A small, and growing business itself — Edison Spaces opens its doors to all those small businesses in Kansas City looking to get ahead.

About Edison Spaces

Edison Spaces was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Tim Barton and Matt Druten, both formerly of Freightquote, designed Edison Spaces to prioritize privacy and focus while still making a flexible office space for growing teams. By providing the most square footage, with the best technology infrastructure, Edison Spaces customers are able to hit the ground running with no business delay.