There are a lot of benefits to choosing Edison Spaces: Fully furnished offices, high-tech infrastructure, high-end amenities, suburban locations, close to highways, with parking, we could go on and on.

However, if you’re a small business looking for first-time office space, the greatest benefit might be that we operate on a month-to-month pricing plan.

Why is this such a big deal?

1. It’s What We Needed, but couldn’t find

When we started our first startup, we took a three-year lease. One of our companies outgrew the space quickly, another went “kerplunk” quickly, and in both cases, we were stuck with leases that no longer fit our needs. Not to mention that it took us four months to get rolling once we got our furniture, Wi-Fi set up, ordered and returned a refrigerator…nothing was easy.

We started Edison Spaces because we couldn’t find what we needed in the marketplace. Coworking didn’t work, and neither did executive suites. We wanted fully furnished, private office space that didn’t lock us into a three-year contract. We figured other people, might want that too.

2. Scale without penalty.

The majority of startups/smaller companies will have significant change in their customer base every 2–4 months, with this variable even a one-year lease commitment can leave a company in space that doesn’t fit their needs. It happened to us, and it happens all the time.

Operating on a month-to-month pricing plan means you can walk away from the overhead cost with 30 days notice without having to jump through any hoops. We make it easy. If you decided to cancel you literally log in and click a button. We have a high retention rate and most of our clients stay for over a year. But, things happen: maybe you scale faster than you anticipated, maybe you need to recalibrate and plan your next move — regardless, you aren’t locked into a contract with us.

3. We have to continue to earn your business.

Office space as a service is still a relatively new concept. Because we consider you a client NOT a tenant (and you can leave anytime) we know we cannot take your business for granted. We take customer feedback seriously and have designed our new location at 7900 College Boulevard with new features based specifically on client feedback.

These new features include private offices WITHIN offices, private phone rooms, more varied sizes with all of the great amenities of our original location.