In March, a Startland News organized a panel discussion on coworking in Kansas City. Edison Spaces co-founder Matt Druten was there to share our alternative perspective:

Downtown coworking is not a fit for everyone, and Matt Druten, co-founder of Edison Spaces, wants to tackle a different market.

“We plan on staying in the suburbs,” Druten said. “We want to attack a completely different market, and we believe it’s untapped out there.”

Edison Spaces is designed with a little more privacy than traditional coworking, yet still maintains a common area. Druten said he wants to adapt to the changing market, but bring a product to the suburbanites who don’t want to commute or deal with a parking hassle.

Avoiding the traditional five- to ten-year lease, Edison Spaces leases operate on a month-to-month basis. Its first location opened in Leawood in November, and Druten is eyeing areas like Lee’s Summit and North Kansas City for the firm’s expansion. Druten plans to open a second space within the year.

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