Learn more about Largay Travel and why they love Edison Spaces.

1. Tell us about your company! Or Tell us what specifically you do for your company?
“We are Travel Advisors with Largay Travel. We want you to “Please Go Away.”

2. What led to your decision to choose Edison Spaces?
“We decided to go with Edison Spaces because we needed flexibility with our space and access to conference areas. We also like the fact that we were not charged extra for everything like we were at our previous office space.”

3. How does officing at Edison Spaces help your Brand? Or What is your favorite aspect of officing at Edison Spaces? “We love having our office at Edison Spaces. There are opportunities that are created for us to network with other small businesses or startup companies. These contacts are very valuable for all of us. They allow us to know other people who are trying to grow their businesses. Having a heart for local small businesses, we would like to support these entrepreneurs either through our own business or by recommending them to other contacts of ours.”

4. What is your favorite Kansas City lunch spot? What is your typical order? “Since we have moved to Edison Spaces our favorite, current lunch spot is Twisted Fresh as it is right down the street. The Baja Shrimp Tacos can’t beat it!”

5. What is the biggest misconception or the biggest challenge for small business owners? “The biggest challenge for small business owners is getting our name out into the community. I love how we have networking events here at Edison Spaces that support that challenge.”