(Overland Park, KS) Edison Spaces, a 17-office private work environment for small business, welcomes the Freezing Moo Headquarters to its 4400 College Boulevard offices.

Founded in 2017, Edison Spaces envisioned its purpose to serve as a stepping stone for Kansas City startups, small business and entrepreneurs — and has held up to that vision, primarily by not forcing long, costly contracts.

“We are excited to welcome Freezing Moo to the Edison Spaces family! Freezing Moo speaks to our goal of supporting Kansas City small business and allowing entrepreneurs to grow and scale without sacrificing substantial overhead costs,” said Matt Druten, managing director of Edison Spaces.

Freezing Moo is an Overland Park owned and operated ice cream experience that is quickly gaining popularity in the metro, with three Kansas City locations open since late-2016, and one more set to open at 135th and Stateline in the next few months. In 2018, Freezing Moo also has plans to open locations in Wichita, KS; Atlanta, GA; and St. Louis, MO.

Freezing Moo chose Edison Spaces as its headquarters location due to its direct access to I-435 and its proximity to all their metro locations and employees, contemporary office space and month-to-month lease availability.

“Freezing Moo’s mission is to bring a taste of joy and a fun experience one cup at a time!” said owner, Amy Su. “We are growing nationwide and are very excited to finally have a corporate office that will help us scale and achieve business growth.”

About Edison Spaces

Edison Spaces was created by business owners for business owners. Tim Barton and Matt Druten, both formerly of Freightquote, designed Edison Spaces to prioritize privacy and focus while still making a flexible office space for growing teams. By providing the most square footage, with the best technology infrastructure, Edison Spaces customers are able to hit the ground running with no business delay.