(Overland Park, KS) Edison Spaces, a private work environment for small business, startups and national companies looking for local office space, is pleased to welcome DesignHaus to its 4400 College Boulevard offices.

“We are excited to welcome DesignHaus to the Edison Spaces offices! They are an innovative team, and we’re thrilled our space is going to help them launch into their next phase,” said Matt Druten, managing director of Edison Spaces.

DesignHaus is a Kansas City-based creative studio with a focus on building brands through graphic and interior design creative services. Their mission is to celebrate, promote, and effectively communicate their client’s brands throughout various mediums including print, digital and interior design.

DesignHaus choose Edison Spaces for their contemporary office space and month-to-month lease availability.

“Edison Spaces was the clear solution for us as we transition from our First House to our Dream Haus, “said Mike Hauser, founder of DesignHaus. The option to lease in a furnished space with great amenities and a fantastic location has taken the pressure off of our new place not being completed. As soon as we opened the door here, our team was up and running.”

About Edison Spaces

Edison Spaces was created by business owners for business owners. Tim Barton and Matt Druten, both formerly of Freightquote, designed Edison Spaces to prioritize privacy and focus while still making a flexible office space for growing teams. By providing the most square footage, with the best technology infrastructure, Edison Spaces customers can hit the ground running with no business delay.

About DesignHaus


“Brands are bigger than a logo and a few colors. They’re more than a set of standards or materials used inside your office. When it comes to your brand, everything matters, and we tackle everything together with our Holistic Brand Approach.” said owner, Mike Hauser.

“At DesignHaus, we believe every good organization, product, business, plan, and idea should be nurtured and cultivated with intentional purpose. From every aspect of your brand, we expand your possibilities through holistic brand development and execution. Check us out at designhaus-studio.com.”